Our Food
Makes People Happy!


Let’s start by telling you a little bit about Tracy Concessions and me. I am a 3rd generation female owned food vendor. I grew up in the business working with my grandparents, uncles and cousins. Wow, what a big family. My uncle Roger Westmoreland helped me build my first trailer 22 years ago. I worked as a partner in 2003  feeding the soldiers in Fort Hood Army Base as they were departing. I have done several more events for Fort Hood Army Base through the years and at Fort Polk Army base.

I experiment with different foods to give it that WOW element and to differentiate from anyone else. We were filmed on Carnival Eats in 2018, for two different episodes. I was the first ever to do two foods on the show. If your fair has a food item, you have wished someone would sell at your fair we are your vendor! I love the challenge and have the best sign man to get the job done. Having us offer a unique food is a good way to get Carnival Eats to your event. We were filmed and on the news at Arkansas state fair for our chocolate fudge dogs and armadillo eggs.

Let me tell you about our food: For our fries, it means only using the freshest whole potatoes that are hand washed, cut and soaked in water and vinegar then blanched in 100% vegetable oil at a lower heat, then fried to a golden crisp right when you order them. Fresh means that our fries will never see the inside of a freezer. It means they will never be warmed in a microwave or sit under a heat lamp. Fresh also means that our fries are never made with any preservatives of any kind.

Then we have all kinds of toppings for the fries. Hamburger meat cooked fresh, bacon cheeseburger fries, Hamburger Philly cheese steak fries (onions, bell peppers white cheese) or hamburger steak fries (onions and brown gravy) new in 2020 is Swamp Fries, chopped beef on fries (swap fries) cooked by Riverport BBQ in Jefferson, Texas. Riverport BBQ is and voted as one of the Top 20 in Texas and Top 50 in the nation barbecue restaurants! And of course, we have the other toppings to add cheese, onions, bacon, mac-n-cheese, peppers, ranch dressing or sour cream.

Our Fried Pickles(slices) are cooked fresh with our own special batter, and served with ranch. The Armadillo Eggs (Cajun kiss) Jalapeno stuffed with a spicy chicken breast and pepper jack cheese wrapped in bacon. is USD inspected, purchased and packaged straight from Western Grillers.

Let’s talk a little bit about that special place where salty meets sweet for an explosion of taste! The Chocolate Fudge Puppy Dog: We use the best fudge on a fresh dipped dog, sprinkled with bacon or sprinkles, and drizzled with white chocolate.

The Maple Bacon Corn Dog: We use Blackburn’s finest syrup (from my home town, Jefferson, Texas). We put it all over a fresh dipped dog and sprinkle with bacon.

Then there is the Patty Master: The biggest hot dog Winnie put on a hoagie bun topped of with mac n cheese, bacon and onion. Of course, you can add any of our potatoes toppings if you would like.

Now, we need something ice cold to drink to wash this down:

We offer a good lemonade, cherry limeade, you can add strawberry, peach or cherry if you please.